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Why We Started

Below is a letter from the owner, Richard Derek

Hello, my name is Richard Derek. My wife (Rosely) and I have been living in the Emerald Coast for the past 24 years… so we have seen a lot of changes in those years. However, one of the most significant is the heavy traffic during the summer months, so we have had our share of heavy traffic, but it pales in comparison in the area at 30-A.

I have worked along the 30-A coast for the last 18 years helping build many of the world renowned communities that have expanded there. Thus, I experience first-hand the frustration that motorists feel when traversing 30-A in the summer. Add to this the limited parking along beach access locations and it was clear to me that a solution was needed to take some pressure off the roads and parking.

Many people get around these problems by riding a bicycle; however, for some, this is not an option. Seniors with limited mobility and young families with small children may be unable to use that form of transportation and another choice might be a golf cart, but many communities along 30-A restrict their use but golf carts still have to travel on the main road in that traffic.

While recently visiting California, I was introduced to the Mobility Scooter. My brother owns a bicycle rental business in Newport Beach and he has these scooters. I was amazed at how much his customers enjoyed riding them and that they were all rented out daily. I have had three major spinal surgeries, therefore, I know about mobility problems and getting around. So I was elated to be able to ride up and down the coast for several days and I really enjoyed experiencing nature in a way I had not been able to enjoy for a long time. During my flight home on the plane I couldn’t help thinking that this was exactly what many people along the Emerald Coast needed to enhance their vacation experience.

With a foot print slightly larger than a bicycle, the Mobility Scooter can transport up to three people in safety and comfort. With a range of up to 40 miles, it can go all day on a single charge and because it is an electric mobility scooter, it can travel on bike paths and sidewalks without adding to the already heavy traffic. No pollution, no noise simply a pleasurable experience for young and old.

That is why at the age when most people have long been retired, I started Absolute Freedom Mobility Scooters. I hope I can enrich your vacation experience and put some zip into your trip.


by Richard Derek – Owner